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Desk Space Rental / Share Office Space - Birmingham

Birmingham has been the the 'powerhouse' of UK's manufacturing sector since the Industrial Revolution. Birmingham has been named the second best place to locate your business in the UK. Birmingham is estimated to have over £17.5 billion invested in it over the next 10 years. Birmingham could be your future desk space rental location.

Learn from the best

It was here that Lloyds and Midland Bank as well as Cadbury's chocolate were founded. Currently there are over 36,000 firms located here, meaning the level of entrepreneurship is outstanding. When you share office space you could be working with these types of individuals. Not only can you benefit from their business advice, but you can also form partnerships and create an enjoyable working environment.

There are lots of people who can help develop your company. Birmingham has 3 universities and several science parks, meaning the class of research and level of sophistication is evident. For example Birmingham is entirely digital with a widespread fibre optic network. This has earned it the title - Centre of UK's communication network. With this kind of reputation, the word Birmingham written on your business card will signal your drive and positive future.

Look around you

The benefits of Birmingham do not just lie with the people but also the surroundings. Birmingham is more than a city centre packed with offices and an air of professionalism about the place. It has more miles of canals than Venice, the most number of parks in Europe and plenty of greenery in the nearby countryside. Nice surroundings means that more businesses are attracted to the area and therefore a reputation is built, making it a great locational choice. You can enjoy many of the  benefits London has to offer (reputation, environment, the people etc.) just with cheaper rental prices.

Reach anywhere

Birmingham is extensively linked to whole country and in fact the whole world. With the most popular motorway junction – spaghetti junction, the road network can take you anywhere. Cars are not the only form of transportation possible; Birmingham is the national hub for national express coaches as well as 3 train stations and a growing international airport. Easy access and faster commute times will drastically improve the efficiency of your firm.

What do you want?

Quick connections to clients, reputable companies in close proximity, a pool of the most employable labour, centre of the UK's communication network, cheaper rental prices but equivalent success to London and a bright investment for the future - what more could you want? This is what Birmingham can offer you.

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