Serviced offices: Answering the key questions

Serviced offices (also known as executive suites or business centres) are generally the most professional office-space solution available. Providers such as Regus, Citibase and Avanta Offices have numerous centres across the UK, offering businesses an all-inclusive premium package for what is generally a slightly higher price. Here at Office Genie, we have thousands of desks in such centres available for rent. Want to know more? We’ve answered the most common serviced office-related questions below.

What features make serviced offices executive?

A serviced office will generally offer a fully-loaded all-inclusive package of features, one which usually surpasses most other types of office space. For a single monthly fee you’ll get access to features such as:

  • Executive meeting rooms and conference suites
  • Broadband and all other utilities
  • IT and phone support
  • Reception services including call answering and mail

Where business centres differ to other all-inclusive options such as shared offices or desk rental schemes is that you’ll generally get to lease your own room. There might well be some opportunity to customise this space with a coat of paint or a company logo.

Who are they designed for?

A business centre can be a particularly viable office space solution for companies looking for flexible, short-term, or all-inclusive space. The following are just a few of the situations in which serviced offices can be particularly handy:

  • If you’re a startup: You may not need to rent a large space or want to manage an office yourselves. Renting a few desks in a serviced office can be a solution to both of these issues. If you get a space that can offer business support for a small business then all the better.
  • If you’re moving space: Whether you’re downsizing, upsizing or just fancy a change of scenery, serviced offices can be a great temporary property when you’re in-between homes.
  • If you’re taking on temporary staff: Why not put them up in a serviced office? You can get space on a short-term contract if you’re taking on seasonal staff for a short period.

Whereabouts can I find a business centre?

They're located all over the UK, on Office Genie we have properties everywhere from the heart of London’s Soho to business parks in Aberdeen. In fact, you’ll find many business centres can be found at out-of-town business parks, just like this property located at the Vision Park on the outskirts of Cambridge.

These out-of-town centres can be a great option. In such places, you could well be surrounded by other useful businesses and services. You’re generally more likely to find things such as parking and the commute may be less frustrating than battling through city-centre traffic. What’s more, if you want a cheap business centre, the further away you go from town and city centres the cheaper office space of any variety tends to be.

How much does serviced office space cost?

Generally, serviced office rental is the most expensive means of leasing office space. However, the outlay may well be worth it when you consider the plush surroundings could potentially make your business seem all the more professional. Then there’s the boost in efficiency your business could receive as a result of the high service level. They’re a particularly handy solution if you’ve not got much spare time but do have a little spare cash.

If you want to rent a cheap serviced office then it may be worth looking at alternative locations. These might be out-of-town locations such as the business parks we’ve mentioned, but it’s also worth looking at less desirable inner-city locations. A desk in London can cost little more than £100, but in a top-class centre in a prime location, they can cost up to £1,000. So if you want a cheap serviced office in the capital it might be worth looking at places such as Battersea or Ealing. Both of these are still great locations with central London but a brief tube ride away, but both are home to some of our cheapest business centres.

How can I find serviced space?

Finding serviced offices with Office Genie couldn’t be simpler; our listings contain all the top spaces from all the biggest and best providers. Simply enter the town, city, street name or postcode you want to search into the box above. You can also add the number of desks you want to rent and a maximum cost per desk to narrow down your options.

Remember, if you spread your net location-wise you might find some comparatively cheap properties. If you want to expand your search radius, simply enter the area (in miles) you want to search into the ‘Radius’ box; doing so might ultimately get you a cheaper serviced office lease!

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