About Office Genie

Office Genie is a UK office search engine uniquely designed for small businesses and freelancers. What makes it special is that you can compare office prices "by the desk", which makes it possible for the first time for small businesses to directly compare the cost of shared offices, serviced offices and conventional leased office space.

Office Genie (known at the time as Desk Space Genie) launched on 2 March 2009 as the UK's first* national website for finding and advertising spare desk space in offices (* well, we think it was the first, we couldn't find any others). The site quickly made a massive impact and then grew in September 2010 to allow people to compare serviced and conventional offices in addition to shared offices.

The site is designed to create as simple and hassle-free user experience as possible, both for searchers and advertisers. Searchers can carry out a simply postcode search, check out local schemes, and enquire by completing a simple form. Advertisers can create adverts in just a few moments free-of-charge, and can then manage adverts and campaigns on an ongoing basis.

We hope you like it!

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Office Genie is the second project of Genie Ventures, the Cambridge-based vertical search and niche comparison website.

Broadband Genie launched in 2004 as an independent price comparison website for broadband, mobile broadband and tablets. 

Company info

Office Genie and Desk Space Genie are trading names of Genie Ventures Ltd

Our registered office is Genie Ventures Ltd, Nine Hills Road, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1GE.

Our company no. is 05085554 and our VAT no. is GB869450875

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