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  • Situated in the middle of the city in the Castle Quarter, this workspace is within a bright and airy building with a prime spot... Situated in the middle of the city in the Castle Quarter, this workspace is within a bright and airy building with a prime spot on the prestigious Southernhay. Here you will find podcast rooms, private phone booths and carefully designed spaces for different working patterns. Breakout...

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Office space Exeter

Welcome to Office Genie’s guide to all things Exeter. This is the place to be if you’re looking to rent office space in the area. All our current rental options are laid out above, while below you’ll find a little more info about the place itself, in case you needed a little persuading as to why Exeter makes sense for your business’ next home.

Why rent offices in Exeter?

Want to make money? Well Exeter could well be the place for you, as it was found to be one of the most profitable locations in the country. But it’s not all about the pound signs, the city is an historic, attractive business location, drawing a substantial number of businesses and working people from the surrounding area.

As well as the working population of tens of thousands, the talent level is boosted by a top-class university, producing elite-level graduates who could really help your business soar. The city’s not without an alternative edge either, in recent years schemes have been in place to fuel a popup culture in Exeter, benefitting all manner of small businesses and shops. If you’re looking for an office space anywhere in Devon, Exeter stands tall as the place you really want to be.

It’s a well-connected city too. By road, the M5 begins a mere few miles outside of the city; giving you great access to the Midlands and Northwest, or the M4 if you’re driving to London and the South East. You can also get to the capital in well under three hours by rail, with the Midlands also a convenient train journey away. It’s also got its own international airport, in case you’ve got eyes on doing business on the continent.

Exeter: Office options

On Office Genie we’ve got a great selection of offices and some of our best options are available for rent in Exeter. We’ve got shared offices, if you want something cheap and flexible. If it’s flexibility you’re after, but you want an executive package, then we have serviced offices which are probably perfect for you. Finally, if you want a long term home then a traditional lease is probably the way to go. We’ve got these on-site too!

If there isn’t anything that’s quite right – do come back soon as our stock is always changing. Alternatively call the number at the top of the page and you can speak to one of our experts about your current options.

How to rent shared deskspace, serviced and leased offices in Exeter