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Office space Accrington - Guide to desk space in Accrington

While the traditional long-term leasing options for renting office space are still the most popular, there are plenty of other options available. In recent years, there has been a huge growth in shared offices, such as serviced offices and desk space rental schemes.

The Office Genie database has thousands of desks available all over the UK: if you have office space to rent in Accrington, why not list it here? After all, it's a free service! For more information on how to advertise your Accrington office space, just click on the 'advertisers' link above.

If you're looking for more general information, this guide will describe the different kinds of deals that may be available if you want office space in Accrington.

Serviced offices Accrington

The serviced offices in Accrington listed above can offer a fantastic opportunity for your business, but they're not the right choice for everyone. For example, Accrington serviced offices may seem a little expensive compared to a leased office, so there are certain pros and cons you'll need to weigh up to see if a serviced office in Accrington is the right solution for you.

Serviced offices are most commonly found in larger cities, but their popularity is seeing them pop up in towns across the UK. The main draw is simplicity: the office space will be decorated, furnished, powered, heated and generally managed for you, while you may also benefit from a reception and post service (including phone answering), IT support and building maintenance.

But of course, this comes at a price - all these extra services cost money, so you'll find this will often be the most expensive option available. However, if you're looking for a temporary stay, or to move in immediately, you might find serviced offices are your best option despite the high price - you can often move in and be up and running almost immediately.

You'll also find many serviced office buildings have different standards of space, such as standard or executive, while you only have to rent as many desks as you need. And if your company then expands, you can just rent out more space - simple.

Shared offices to let Accrington

We don't currently have any listings for shared office space in Accrington. Perhaps you could look a little further afield? Otherwise, you might want to see if we have other kinds of offices to let in Accrington. Either way, if you're interested to know what a shared office has to offer, here are the basics.

The last few years have seen a big rise in the availability of shared offices. The recession has been key, seeing some larger companies being forced to downsize, while still leasing offices now too large for them to fill. Why let that space go to waste, when it can be sublet to another business?

This generates some welcome extra income for the business, while giving a fantastic opportunity for a small company to benefit from the space. And the trend looks likely to continue - expect shared office space in Accrington to become more common in future.

If you rent space in a shared office, you will get many of the benefits you would expect from a serviced office, but normally at a much cheaper price. You won't have the long term commitment needed for a leased office, will be able to move in straight away, and will benefit from existing infrastructure such as broadband, meeting rooms, security and so on. In addition, you'll have the opportunity to make new friends and even new contacts or clients, by sharing space with another company, or companies, also based in the town.

Accrington desk space

There aren't any desk space opportunities in Accrington at the moment, but there may well be other suitable alternatives. For example you may find that opening up your search a little will find something that fits your needs, or maybe a serviced office will provide hot desking Accrington options. But what exactly is desk space?

If you want to rent office space in Accrington, but on a small scale, looking for desk space is a genuine alternative. Rent-a-desk schemes, as they are often known, are growing in popularity - the idea is much like the serviced office or shared office schemes above, but on a smaller scale.

Here, you will rent a desk rather than part of an office. This will generally have the amenities you'd hope for - all the standard services such as lighting, electricity, broadband and furniture. However, you may not get the likes of a reception, post and IT support.

Desk space may not feel as much like your own, but will generally be cheaper and still give you a spot in town to get down to work in an office environment, shared with like-minded individuals.

Cheap office space Accrington : The leasing option

Unfortunately we don't have listings for any leased offices in Accrington at the moment. You could try opening up your search area, or giving us a call on 0203 053 3890 to see what we can find for you. If you're just interested in finding out more about leasing an office compared to renting office space, just read on.

By far the cheapest option for getting your office up and running, leasing office space puts the ball in your court in almost every sense. That money you're saving may well be eaten up by legal fees, security and building management costs, utility bills, furniture and decorations. You'll also be looking at a long lease, probably three years or up, so your long-term plans will need to be sound. Can you commit to a Accrington office for that period of time?

At Office Genie we break down leased office rental Accrington buildings to a 'per desk' level, so you can compare prices easily with other options. We take a 'desk' area as 50 square feet per person (picture a 7x7 cubicle), to give you a rough idea of how many people you can fit in. You can do your own calculations accordingly.

Accrington office space: What next?

Hopefully you're now in a position to follow up your Accrington office space enquiries by clicking through and contacting one, or more, of the available offices above. And if there is nothing currently available that meets your needs, or you rather chat to someone before making a decision, we encourage you to give us a call on 0203 053 3890 - we can even do the search for you, free of charge.

If you really can't find what you need, you can spread your net out to Salford or Clitheroe, perhaps even Burnley or Blackburn. If you can't find opportunities for coworking in Accrington (as sharing office space is often known), it may well be worth branching out.

Whichever option you choose, good luck in your hunt for the perfect office space in Accrington.

Call our office search helpline on 0203 053 3890.

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