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Guide to desk space: London

When it comes to wanting to rent a desk, London is the most popular location in the UK. There are of course good and bad sides to this popularity. On the plus side, desk space for rent in London is plentiful. But on the negative side, if you want to rent desk space in London you’re going to have to pay a premium price for it.

There are a lot of London shared office schemes, as you’ll see above. They can be the perfect solution for small businesses and start ups, as well as entrepreneurs and freelancers who want to take their business out of their home and into a more professional environment.

What do you need from your shared office in London?

First, you need to decide on exactly what you want from your desk rental in London. Leasing offices can be the cheap option, but you’ll be looking at a long deal where you have to provide the likes of furniture and other amenities, which can create a whole lot of admin you don’t need.

Deskspace, London style, can be a much better option. You’ll pay more per square foot but will move into a ready made office environment with internet, furniture and perhaps post services and meeting rooms already in place. Also, the length of this type of commercial contract can be much more flexible.

Finally, there’s location; do you really need a swanky office in trendy Soho, or would it be better to take a bit of London desk space in a less salubrious part of the capital that may offer you better amenities, or more space, for your money?

Office share: London

If you decide on a shared office, London offers a fantastic selection that can really boost your business for a number of reasons.

Firstly, you’ll have a business address in the most important business centre in the UK. In many professions this is a must to be taken seriously, while having a shared office with meeting room space is perfect for meeting your clients. Not to mention a base for which to entertain them later in the evening which is second to none!

Secondly, you’ll be sharing the London office space with other small businesses, which can create a fantastic creative buzz. This can be a major advantage over working from home; we hear many stories of professional alliances and friendships being built which can take both your business and social life in unexpected directions. This is a big benefit of co-working: London is simply ideal for this.

Deskspace London: your next step

If you’ve decided to rent desk space, London offices are plentiful and varied. Luckily, Office Genie makes searching for them, or making your own space available, really simple.

Office Genie was the first deskspace website specifically designed for small businesses and is still the most popular by far. If you’re looking for desk space, London can seem like a very big place. But you can search our database by location, postcode, price and how many desks you need to make it easier.

After that, you simply phone the advertiser of that London desk space - we’re not a broker or agent, so you don’t have to worry about an extra middle man. We just collate all the important details so you don’t have to trawl a bunch of websites trying to find what you need.

If instead you want to advertise some office space, London can seem a hard place to advertise. Do you go for local press, property magazines, classifieds websites, or all of the above? Office Genie is the best of all of those worlds and is really easy to use - just click on the advertisers link at the top of the page to be up and running in a few minutes.

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