Desker FAQs

What are the pros and cons of desk rental?
Who is a typical desker?
How much does a desk cost?
What's a typical desk rental contract length?
How do I find a desk to rent?

What are the pros and cons of desk rental?

In our experience of both renting desks and running desk schemes, the most common reason that deskers give is that they've tried working from home and didn't much like it! That's not to say that home working isn't for everyone, but some advantages of renting a desk in an office environment could be:

  • better working environment
  • fewer distractions (e.g. children, pets, daytime TV)
  • separation of home and work life
  • credible office address
  • better facilities (e.g. business broadband)
  • often a better location (e.g. in business district, close to cafes and shops)
  • witty office banter (if you're lucky!)

Additional advantages of desk schemes, as opposed to renting a whole office, tend to be:

  • cheaper
  • shorter, more flexible contracts
  • no responsibility for office management or maintenance
  • witty office banter (again)

The cons of desk space rental, after some thought, could include the following:

  • You don't always get a fixed phone line as part of the deal. Some schemes will let you pay for your own landline, some will require you to use your mobile (and Skype).
  • You could lose your desk. Companies often let spare desks when they don't have enough staff to fill an office. Once they start expanding, you could be out on your ear.
  • Lack of control. Over lots of things. For example, you might not like the decor, or the people, or you might not be allowed to bring your kids in. You're always at the mercy of someone else's rules.

Who is a typical desker?

While there's obviously no such thing as a "typical" desker, we tend to find web designers, web developers, journalists, translators, entrepreneurs, architects, IT consultants, and other professions where your location doesn't matter so much.

How much does a desk cost?

Most desk schemes charge on a monthly basis. Our stats show that the national average is about £205/month outside London or £348/month in the capital, but expect to pay more in expensive neighbourhoods.

What do I get for my rent?

You'll need to check exactly what is (and what is explicity not) included in the rental fee.

Typically, the following will be included in a basic price:

  • Desk (obviously!)
  • Office chair
  • Lockable pedestal
  • Internet access (wired, WiFi or both)
  • Tea & coffee facilities

The following might be included:

  • Parking space (if possible)
  • Use of meeting room facilities
  • 24-hour access

Not usually included:

  • Telephone line
  • Printing, faxing, scanning, photocopying
  • Computer, or any kind of IT setup or support
  • Insurance cover

What's a typical desk rental contract length?

These vary, but do tend to be short. One-month rolling contracts are not uncommon, although there's often an initial period (say three or six months). You might be able to negotiate a cheaper deal by agreeing to a longer contract.

How do I find a desk to rent?

Well, you're in the right place, and hopefully Office Genie makes this bit straightforward. Just search by town or postcode in our office space search, and you'll get a list of available desk space in serviced and shared offices nearby. You can sort this by proximity or cost. You'll want to get in touch with the scheme, ask a few questions and have a look round, so just fill out the enquiry form and they'll get back to you.