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Office space Eastleigh

Eastleigh, located in Hampshire’s appealing Hamble Valley, is an attractive prospect for both residents, and businesses looking to rent office space in the area. The growing town is one of the most affluent in the region. This reflected in its vibrant business population and thriving economy; all of this makes it a great option for office rental. So what are you waiting for? Your perfect Eastleigh office could be just around the corner.

Why rent office space in Eastleigh?

Eastleigh is known for the prototype Spitfire launch way back in 1936 – now the area is all about launching successful businesses. Some 5,000 organisations boast a presence in and around Eastleigh, with impressive names such as AGEAS and GE Aviation based locally. There is also a drive to make the area a creative hub, with organisations such as Creative Eastleigh ensuring local businesses in this sector have the resources to help them thrive.

Of further appeal is Eastleigh’s location. London Waterloo is reachable in approximately an hour and a quarter. The town is situated on the edge of the second most populous area of the country; the Solent conurbation. Major hubs of industry such as Southampton and Portsmouth are within a stone’s throw. Factor in proximity to the M3 motorway (a further quick link to the capital) and you can see just how well connected Eastleigh really is.

Eastleigh: The office options

You should find serviced offices are most abundant in Eastleigh and the surrounding areas. These are a great option for small businesses as they offer executive space, inclusive of facilities, on leases that are generally pretty flexible. They aren’t cheap but are a superb choice if you are cash-rich but time-poor. Alternatively, shared offices offer anoften-cheap, but generally lower-spec package. Traditional leases, which you may also find available for rent in Eastleigh generally are the cheapest way to rent office space but represent a significant commitment.

Can’t find your perfect office right now? Don’t worry, we try to update our listings all the time, so we hope we’ll have your dream office on Office Genie very soon. Alternatively, you could try expanding your search to nearby locations such as Southampton, Portsmouth or even Basingstoke (a short, direct drive up the M3) – all are within easy reach of Eastleigh.

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