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Blog Contributors & Editorial Team

  • Peter Ames's image

    Peter Ames

    Peter Ames is Head of Strategy for Office Genie. He was hired in 2012 as the site's then-Web Editor and now manages the Office Genie product. He has written extensively for Office Genie's blog and contributed to other sites such as the Huffington Post, Real Business, Business Advice and more. Prior to joining Genie he was an arts critic and features writer, before being appointed travel editor, at Liverpool University's online news site.

  • Ciaron Dunne's image

    Ciaron Dunne

    Ciaron has been involved in journalism, blogging and publishing in the property sector since 1999, first as the editor of Facilities Management Legal Update journal, and later as editor of Workplace Law Network. Ciaron co-founded Office Genie (then Desk Space Genie) in 2009.

  • Mark Eltringham's image

    Mark Eltringham

    Mark has worked in the office design and facilities management sector for some 15 years as a marketing professional and magazine editor. He has been the launch editor of three titles and now runs his own PR company specialising in the design, FM and other related sectors.

  • Chris Marling's image

    Chris Marling

    As a writer, sub editor and editor (both in print and online), Chris Marling has been a journalist for longer than he'd care to admit. He has worked on newspapers, magazines and websites, joining Genie in January 2009. He was here at Office Genie's inception and continues to contribute to the site.

  • Matt Powell's image

    Matt Powell

    Matt has written for numerous print and online publications including PC Home, Windows Made Easy, GigaHz and MSN UK. He's been contributing to Genie Ventures sites since 2009, initially as blogger and community manager before taking over as editor of Broadband Genie and technical consultant to Office Genie in 2012.

Guest bloggers welcome

One of things that makes Office Genie stand out from the crowd is the quality of content we have on the site, some of which is provided for us by guest writers and reviewers. Some of the best of this has come in the form of guest blogs. Unfortunately we can't pay you for these contributions - we have a team of editorial staff providing daily content already. That said, what we can do is include your profile and give you a platform on which to air your views that is visited by thousands of visitors every day. However, we do reserve the write to edit or turn down any submissions we don't feel meet the editorial standards of the site.

If you've got something interesting to say (that isn't libellous!) then drop me an email at [email protected], giving a brief description of your idea. If we think it's an idea that will fit nicely into our site, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.