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Office space in Balham

Welcome to the Balham rental section of Office Genie, where we have collated a full range of office space available to rent in the area. A neighbourhood of South London, Balham has witnessed significant change in recent years, opening up even greater opportunities for businesses considering locating in the area. Read on to find out more…

Why choose offices in Balham?

Balham is increasingly considered the place to go by shoppers from a wider and wider area, whether to visit its high street names and independent businesses or appreciate the town’s surrounding green spaces.

It has undergone significant changes in recent years, which have positively altered its reputation, attracted a substantial range of businesses and led to more affluent, professional residents. What’s more the town centre retains many of its older buildings and is situated between four commons: Clapham Common, Wandsworth Common, Tooting Graveney Common, and Tooting Bec Common.

It is located within easy reach of Tooting, Streatham and Brixton and has excellent transport connections. Balham station consists of two adjacent stations: Balham tube station and Balham railway station, which connect the town to both the City of London and locations outside of London. For example, off-peak trains run 12 times per hour to London Victoria.

Balham is also served by at least four bus routes providing links to a wide range of destinations. It encompasses the A24 north of Tooting Bec and the roads radiating off it.

But it’s not all about work! Part of Balham’s current good name comes from its successful entertainment industry and its celebrity residents, who have included comedian Jack Dee and television presenters Brian Dowling and Sarah Beeny. It’s clear to see Balham has a lot to offer for all!

Office space options in Balham

There are a variety of options available for rent in the Balham area. You may simply want to rent some desk space – an increasingly popular option at the cheap end of the all-inclusive scale. Or go for a ready-made serviced office on a flexible lease, or the more traditional option of leasing long-term from a landlord. You’ll find all options here at Office Genie.

And we’re adding new offices all the time, if you haven’t immediately found your solution. You could also try refining or widening your search, and there’s always an expert available to speak to if you want to give us a call!

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