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  • Whilst a number of unique, quirky ideas are incorporated into this building, a business and professional theme is prominent throughout.... Whilst a number of unique, quirky ideas are incorporated into this building, a business and professional theme is prominent throughout. This is a place of development with a main aim of creating a working environment that inspires. All offices are surrounded with acoustic strengthened...

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Office space Chelmsford

Chelmsford really is a top choice for office rental and here at Office Genie we want to make finding your new space there a breeze. Above, you’ll find the offices we currently have available to rent in the area and right here is a little more info about what makes the city great. So if you want to know more about what it’s like to do business in Chelmsford, read away!

Why rent office space in Chelmsford?

Chelmsford is a small city with a lot going for it. Its proximity to London, vibrant cultural scene and nightlife and superb business environment draw in in great numbers of people for both work and pleasure. And, with one of the UK’s premier business parks located at Boreham – it’s easy to see why Chelmsford punches above its weight when it comes to attracting exciting businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Chelmsford was also recently voted the happiest place to live in the whole of the UK and of course, happy staff are generally the most productive staff. You’ve also got access to a top-class workforce of over 100,000 people in Chelmsford (a whopping 87% of people also are qualified to at least NVQ1 level!). The city is also quite the draw for people in the surrounding areas, with tens of thousands commuting in you can see just what a draw working in Chelmsford can be!

You’ve also got some superb transport links too. Due to its proximity to London regular trains can whiz you into the capital in around 30 minutes. This also opens up the rest of the country with such handy access to the capital’s mainline rail stations. If you’re travelling by road then London is a convenient journey down the A12.

It may be only half an hour train ride away from the City of London, but why commute? As with many places that border the capital you could well find rents to be considerably cheaper if you look to rent office space in Chelmsford. All this and, with London’s economic heart merely 30 minutes away, it’s practically like you’re there!

Office options in Chelmsford

On Office Genie, no matter what your office lease requirement, we hope to have you covered, with Chelmsford no exception. On our site we’ve got all of the following (and potentially a few more) options available for rent: Shared offices (cheap, flexible desk rentals), serviced offices (if you want a flexible space but with top-class services and facilities) and finally the ever-popular traditional lease (definitely the way to go if you want a long-term home to shape how you want).

We try to keep our inventory as fresh as possible as well. This means that, if you can’t find that dream office right now, you could well soon!

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