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  • This workspace is comprised of four floors of around 5,000 sq. ft. each with the upper floors commanding views across the local... This workspace is comprised of four floors of around 5,000 sq. ft. each with the upper floors commanding views across the local area. The building has excellent levels of natural light while the highest floors have great views across the whole of West London. The location of...

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Office space Ealing

Ealing, one of the largest boroughs in western London, is somewhere you should really consider if you’re looking to rent an office in the capital. The area extends from Northolt in the West almost to Shepherds Bush in the East, while it also encompasses Wembley in the North and borders Brentford in the south. Such an expansive area generally means a great variety of rental options and you can find them all on this very page.

Why should you consider Ealing office rental?

The borough of Ealing offers abundant office space, with much of it to be found in key areas such as Shepherd’s Bush (on the far eastern border) and Brentford in the South. The former boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere and vibrant business environment, while the latter is increasingly becoming a hub for business giants such as Sky and Sega. The area’s administrative centre is Ealing Broadway, famous for its film studios and undoubtedly an impressive location if you’re a business in the sector, or creative industries in general.

Of course, a further appeal of Ealing as an office rental location is the ease with which you can access the heart of the capital: You’ve got some great options with the Central line running through the north of the borough. Additionally the Circle and Piccadilly lines can be found to the east of the area. National rail services also run from various parts of Ealing to London Paddington. Combine all this with rental rates that might be a little cheaper than you’ll find in central London, and you’ve got a hugely attractive option.

Office space in Ealing: The options

As we’ve mentioned, the borough of Ealing covers a huge area, which means you should be able to find all three of the major types of office space we list. These are:

  • Shared offices: Desk rental in either a specially-designed centre or someone else’s office. Ultra-flexible and generally cost-effective.
  • Serviced offices: Rent fully-furnished suites in an executive business centre. Potentially not as cheap as other options but high service levels can be well worth it
  • Traditional office space: Unfurnished properties for rent on a long-term lease basis

Of course, if you’ve assessed your options and nothing stands out as being 100% right for you, then we’d advise you to come back regularly. We change our listings all the time so that perfect office might not be too far away. Alternatively, you can chat to an expert (use the number on this page) or simply refine your results to see some different listings!

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