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Office space in Hatfield

Hatfield, Hertfordshire, is in a prime location for office rental, offering convenient access to Central London and a strong business environment of its own. And you’re in a great place with Office Genie too: You can search the properties available to rent above, while right here you can read on and discover what makes Hatfield a great place to be!

Why rent Hatfield offices?

Hatfield’s proximity to London makes it of particular appeal: Regular trains take around 23 minutes to get to King’s Cross. Of course, this means for some businesses it can represent a suitable alternative to the capital – particularly with the lower prices you can expect here.

But there’s an awful lot of reasons why you’d want to stay in Hatfield itself: The town is a famous name in the aeronautical industry, and was formerly the home of British Aerospace. Modern-day Hatfield is officially a new town, but it still maintains numerous features of its original aspect – Old Hatfield boasts some of the region’s most appealing historic buildings.

It’s also an area that’s going places. The town’s ‘Renewal Partnership’ has been established to manage the millions of pounds’ worth of investment the town centre should be receiving in upcoming years; investment that’s set to affirm Hatfield’s place as a go-to town in Hertfordshire.

Office options in Hatfield

Office Genie is the home of office space variety, and we pride ourselves on providing the widest range of spaces up for rent in locations across the UK. Hatfield should be no different. So whether you want to enjoy a flexible rental, such as a cheap shared office or a fully-serviced business centre; or you want to be that bit more traditional and go for a conventional lease, we’d hope to have the office for you right here.

If you are struggling to find the space of your dreams, don’t worry – you’ve still got a couple of options: Firstly we do tend to update our offices all the time, so remember to check back with us often and you should be able to find a good selection of new spaces in Hatfield. You could also call our experts (the number is at the top of the page) for an up-to-date view of the market. Finally, you could simply tweak your search in the box above.

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