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Office space in Stourbridge

If you’re looking to rent an office in the West Midlands, Stourbridge has an awful lot going for it: Historic, bubbly, diverse and exciting – the town is a great place to both live and work. Also, with Birmingham practically on your doorstep, it’s a well-positioned place and potentially a more cost-effective office rental option than its larger neighbour.

Why rent Stourbridge offices?

Stourbridge is one of those rare places that has retained its historic quality, while displaying a thoroughly modern edge. The town was famous for glass production, and still hosts a bi-annual exhibition in honour of the industry that put it on the map.

However, modern Stourbridge has an awful lot more going for it: It is developing a reputation for its arts colleges and, combined with a strong engineering sector, Stourbridge’s workforce is one that exhibits a huge amount of diversity.

The town also benefits from a great position to the west of Birmingham but is also surrounded by countryside and green space, giving an appealing rural atmosphere to the whole area. There are excellent transport links, particularly in to Birmingham which is a short (approximately 30-40 minute) train journey away.

Finally, with access to both the M5 and even the M6 motorways (the latter is a short distance further) Stourbridge is also a great place to be if you need to travel across the rest of the UK for business. We always say a Midlands location is a real advantage and you may well find this benefits you in Stourbridge.

Stourbridge office space options

In and around Stourbridge you should find a number of serviced offices: These spaces are all-inclusive (facilities such as receptions, meeting rooms, IT, broadband and maintenance), flexible and generally fairly low-hassle. All this may not come cheap, so if you want some lower-cost office space you might want to consider a traditional lease. Finally, we are famous for our shared offices and you might find a few of these lower-spec desk rental options for rent in the Stourbridge area.

If none of our Stourbridge listings take your fancy today, then we’ll hopefully have something suitable for you soon. You could also consider looking elsewhere; there are a number of really popular options in and around the Stourbridge area. Why not consider Dudley or Oldbury for example? West Bromwich is also a good option in the nearby area.

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