Jan 23, 2012

Get better broadband, and extra income, with Eclipse Broadband's referral scheme

There are a few things that most small businesses and entrepreneurs would have on their wish list to make their projects a success; good broadband and some extra income on the side are most certainly two of them.

Eclipse Internet is a small ISP that specialises in providing business broadband, which means you'll get heightened levels of customer service as well as some really interesting and innovative products aimed squarely at the business community. 

A key product for Eclipse in its 'bonded DSL' solution, aimed specifically at businesses in more rural areas - or anywhere that BT and Virgin Media haven't yet taken their ADSL+ and fibre broadband solutions.

It works by 'bonding' several 'up to 8Mb' lines together, which means if you've been struggling with an average speed down below 2Mb and thought you had no other option, you could probably be enjoying broadband at something more like 5Mb or 6Mb - or much faster, depending on your distance from the exchange.

This can put your business right on the map with your rivals, making streaming video, downloading large files and video conferencing much more viable options. The solution isn't cheap, but it could be the difference between make and break for businesses stuck on the wrong end of the broadband postcode lottery.

Better still, increasingly businesses who sign up for Eclipse (a Which? recommended broadband supplier) are using the service as a new source of income - by recommending the service on to their fellow local businesses and receiving referrer fees. A single referral of bonded DSL can get you £2,000 a year - not to be sniffed at!

If you want to learn more about Eclipse Internet, simply pop over to our dedicated page on them over at our sister site Broadbandgenie.co.uk. Over the next few months you'll also find a blog from me over there as I trial the service for myself from my own highly neglected telephone exchange.


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