Jan 24, 2012

Prime Minister: Entrepreneurs the lifeblood of the UK economy

Entrepreneurs and small businesses are the lifeblood of an economy; they need to be nurtured to help the economy grow and prosper – this is the message that PM David Cameron drove home as he launched the nationwide ‘Business in You’ program this week.

Of late, the Prime Minister has focussed his attention on SMEs in the UK and promised to give them the support they deserve as important contributors to national wealth and employment.

The ‘Business in You’ program, in partnership with StartUp Business, a web platform celebrating entrepreneurship, has been launched to encourage the country’s small business enterprises to work towards further growth, and motivate aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own business. This initiative is based on the concept that within everyone, there lurks a business, and a potential for great success.

Through the real-life stories of nine successful UK entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, the campaign aims to tell Britons that they too can have profitable ventures if they direct their energies and talents whole-heartedly into their endeavours. The campaign’s inspirational business ambassadors include Huddle’s Alastair Mitchell, moo.com’s Richard Moss, Ella’s Kitchen founder Paul Lindley and SBTV founder Jamal Edwards.

The campaign will, among other things, advise potential entrepreneurs on how to set up their business, through webinars, workshops and video tutorials. Topics such as funding and mentoring will also be discussed. Cameron has promised to provide nearly 300 underused and vacant government offices to entrepreneurs who are finding it difficult to access workspaces to launch or develop their businesses from. 


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