Mar 13, 2012

Percentage of female entrepreneurs continues to rise

The UK's fairer sex is increasingly taking up entrepreneurship as a career choice. Last year saw the number of female entrepreneurs in the country rise to 12 per cent; almost 1/ 3rd of UK businesses are presently women-owned.

However, women entrepreneurs find it more challenging to set up their businesses in the UK, says the report. 

Commissioned by Crunch, the country's well-known online accountants, the survey has found that over 50 per cent of female entrepreneurs also take up more household responsibilities, more specifically with regard to childcare duties. This is apart from the time they devote towards their ventures. 

Male entrepreneurs, on the other hand, dedicate less than 1/4th of their time towards childcare.

Not surprisingly, one out of ten female business owners said that a big challenge they faced was getting people to take them seriously. In fact, such an attitude is cited as one of the top challenges that women in leadership roles often contend with. But the type of difficulties faced by male and female entrepreneurs in setting up their own ventures was similar, with both citing cash flow and books management to be major obstacles.

Women were most motivated by financial independence when starting their own businesses. Next on the list was the aspiration to maintain more control over their work/personal life balance. Modern day women entrepreneurs in the UK enjoy more flexibility, and they do not have to sacrifice their personal lives to build a successful career.


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