Apr 12, 2012

UK entrepreneurs have emigration on their minds

A latest study reveals that a close 50 per cent of entrepreneurs in the UK believe they must emigrate to be successful in their business ventures. This comes as a surprise given that Britain is largely viewed as an excellent destination to set up a business.

UK's ninth largest accountancy firm Mazars, in collaboration with Global Entrepreneurship Week's competition 'Your Big Year' (an initiative of Smaller Earth), conducted this international study. 

It found that 46 per cent of the country's aspiring entrepreneurs felt that their chances of business success were greater overseas. Among them, 36 per cent admitted that the United States would be the perfect place to launch their entrepreneurial careers.

This notion, it appears, is not unique to Britain's entrepreneurs. About 78 per cent of Germany's entrepreneurs would like to move abroad while 67 per cent of their Greek and French counterparts share the same aspirations. 

It is interesting to note that Britain comes in second on the list of popular start-up destinations among international entrepreneurs. About 11 per cent of foreign respondents say they have the UK in their sights to start their companies.

Mazars says that the survey points towards a need to create awareness about the many exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs that exist in the UK given that the country is a top business destination for overseas entrepreneurs. Mazars adds that it would like to build the foundation of future entrepreneurial growth in the country through its support of organisations such as Smaller Earth.


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