Apr 26, 2012

UK start-ups and entrepreneurs pitching for experienced top level executives

A new report reveals that the UK's entrepreneurs are seeking to develop their management teams prior to embarking on fund-raising from venture capitalists and angel investors. 'Pitching for Management', a new event series with a focus on management talent as opposed to cash investments, is indicative of this trend.

Pitching for Management offers fast-growing start-ups the opportunity to find non- executives, senior executives and mentors who can counsel them on critical business aspects. In particular, early-stage companies are finding this initiative beneficial, as it is an innovative way to hire top talent. This pitching for highly-experienced executives through a series of live events, has witnessed attendance by hundreds.

According to Coracle Online entrepreneur James Tweed, who had attended the event previously, the right support and advice from experienced managers is imperative to seeking funds. This is given the fact that investors want to know why a particular business is likely to succeed, and base their funding decisions based on this aspect. Banks are also focusing on entrepreneurial abilities and team dynamics during the investment process, making it essential that start-ups present an attractive case before them.

However, he adds that attracting the right people can be an uphill task for young businesses, as this also requires a sizeable investment. An initiative like 'Pitching for Management' can fulfil this requirement and provide immense assistance to start-ups. The good news is that the country's senior executives have responded enthusiastically, offering their experience, skill and time to entrepreneurs and upcoming businesses. A majority of them are viewing 'Pitching for Management' as a second, rewarding career opportunity.


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