Jul 4, 2012

Index Ventures proposes €350 million venture capital to support tech start-ups


Previously backing successful ventures like Net-a-Porter, Skype and Lovefilm, Index Ventures launched its latest plan to support start-ups. 

According to recent reports, the leading venture capital is set to invest €350 million i.e. £284 million towards technology start up companies based in and around Europe. The fund will cover early stage investment and seed investment for ambitious start-ups in countries across Europe as well as Israel.

The massive new fund will be directed towards five chief areas. Index Venture is currently targeting areas like commerce, financial services, cloud computing, marketplaces, and mobile and social. Considering them to be the most exciting areas to invest in the present, Index Ventures will be looking out for start up companies originating from Europe and Israel that are aiming at becoming a global entrepreneurial force. 

A partner with Index Ventures, Saul Klein highlighted that fashion related businesses show immense potential in today’s market. Some of Index Ventures’ successes include Farfetch, Moo.com, Mind Candy, Funding Circle and Housetrip.

Klein also revealed that early stage investments from venture capital firms will act as a crucial turning point to rekindle the slowing economy. By investing in promising start ups around the continent, the economic recovery in the region will be quickened. 

Europe has always shown great potential in producing winning start-ups with ambitious and innovative ideas. With the help of this €350 million fund, Europe’s economy and its start-ups could see much needed financial relief. Index Ventures believes that Europe is a fertile platform to discover and develop world class start-ups with innovation.

Providing support to start-ups whether through financial aid or expert mentoring leads to more jobs and Index Ventures alone offers at least 1,000 positions open in its portfolio, a welcome situation in the strained European economy.


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