Aug 9, 2012

StartUp Britain campaign experiences record increase in new start-ups

StartUp Britain, a business campaign launched by the UK government to help setup new local businesses is already showing great results. 

The campaign was launched recently with the UK government partnering with company formation organisations like Made Simple Group. With an online tracker to map the progress, the campaign is seeing a steadily increasing number of start-ups being launched this year.

StartUp Britain campaign is currently keeping an online record of the businesses launched through the program on the website. This authoritative online tracker draws data from Companies House and is aimed at encouraging new entrepreneurs to setup and launch start-up companies. 

The number of newly launched start-ups is increasing rapidly with over 8,675 entrepreneurs launching their business in the UK in a single week.

The toll figures for the number of start-ups in the tracker are being managed and interpreted by the Made Simple Group. Being an important member in the StartUp Britain campaign, the Made Simple Group offers practical and efficient guidance and services to young and new entrepreneurs on launching and running a business. 

Apart from the online StartUp Britain tracker, the campaign recently organised an overseas trading event called TradeUp Britain, which was a one day event.

Howard Graham, CEO of Made Simple Group said that the increasing number of start-ups launched in the UK is spelling positive changes in the sector and the campaign is bringing great results. Additionally, the online tracker makes the campaign more transparent and plots the graph periodically. This graph could reveal patterns helping the Made Simple Group and new start-ups find the right time to launch their business.


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