Aug 14, 2012

Survey shows strong spirit of entrepreneurship continuing in the UK


According to new findings, the spirit of entrepreneurship is alive and well as more and more people are becoming encouraged to start new businesses.

The survey, conducted by Sage, was of three thousand participants from across the UK. It was found that start-ups and new businesses in north east UK saw the highest growth potential with 11% of those surveyed planning to establish their own business. Comparatively, about 9% of Londoners planned to establish a start-up.

As reported over at, one of the most popular reasons for starting a new business was the opportunity to work full time on an interest or hobby they were passionate about. About 38% of the total participants from north east UK quoted this reason as the main motivation for opening a new business.

The second entrepreneurial area with most potential and interest was northern England mapping the regions from Humber and Yorkshire. On the other end, the lowest concentration of would-be businesspersons came from north western England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.   

The study was conducted by Sage in efforts to help prospective business owners and to create a positive image of the entrepreneur side of Britain. Sage's MD for small business division Lee Perkins said that the business landscape of the UK was rapidly changing, making way for entrepreneurs launching start-ups. The increasing number of small businesses in the south east and north UK as well as London will impact the current regional economy.

Perkins also added that the advent and common usage of technological infrastructure like high speed broadband internet connections and easy access to valuable advice and guidance will turn a regular region into a start-up hub. This will allow entrepreneurs to reach their potential and take advantage of the thriving start-up scene in the UK.


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