Sep 6, 2012

Grants available for start-ups developing location-based apps


A small grants program has been launched in the UK to help entrepreneurs and new start-ups develop location-based apps for the company.

The program, named Raptor, was launched by Cisco and Infusion with the new Big Innovation Gateway initiative. The grants are funded by the Technology Strategy Board as part of the central R&D programme to help the booming start-up industry in the UK. Applications for the grant are open until September 30.

The small grants offered by the program will include a range of resources that can help start-ups establish themselves in the emerging market. Raptor offers packages in terms of cash, guidance, mentoring, access to the latest technology as well as development space and exclusive tests. In addition to these resources, the Raptor grants program will also open up numerous marketing opportunities for newly established start-ups.

This launch, part of Cisco's BIG initiative, is spread over its five-year mission to encourage digital start-ups and help them flourish.

By providing important assets like human resources, cash investments and technology, the program aims at breaking the stigma surrounding open innovations and the involvement of start-ups.

The program aims at encouraging cooperation and sharing of application platforms, allowing start-ups to coordinate and boost revenue. It will be divided into five grants, each in three groups, and will be awarded to start-ups and entrepreneurs with cloud-based or network-based technologies for transport, retail and the urban environment for the next year.

Cisco's Public Sector MD, Rod Halstead, said nurturing and encouraging today's start-ups will help development and encourage tech innovators and leaders of the future.

The program aims at furthering the legacy of tech success stories and building a bright and tech-savvy future for the UK. The annual BIG Awards organised by Cisco each year will also see its finale in the coming week and will award start-ups from the UK.


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