Oct 9, 2012

Olympics develops flexi-work culture in capital

This summer’s hugely successful Olympic Games has led to more SMEs adopting a flexible approach to working hours, according to a recent poll.

Citrix, a leading provider of mobile business solutions, surveyed 500 senior figures in London-based SMEs and found 13% of their organisations adopted more flexible working hours during the summer of sport.

This approach was largely welcomed by employees and business alike: 77% of workers reacted positively to the changes, with 48% of businesses reporting a general positive effect on their company as a whole.

This is in stark contrast to the 5% of individuals and 8% of businesses that reported a negative experience.

A more flexible approach to the working day was particularly welcomed by young people: 72% of people aged 18-34 believe flexible working hours will be important in the next five years.

The motto of the London games was to ‘inspire a generation’. This seems to be the case, with greater flexibility of work allowing employees more time to participate in out-of-work activities, inspired by their sporting heroes.

The benefit for businesses? They get an enthusiastic workforce, energized by a healthy work/life balance. 


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