Nov 15, 2012

Smartphone users can pose risk to businesses

Networking giant Cisco has highlighted the risks of ‘Generation Y’ workers breaking company rules regarding device usage.

The second Cisco Connected World Technology Report has shown 77% of employees aged 18-30 ignore IT policies for using company-owned smartphones.

Over half of the IT professionals surveyed said they trust employees to adhere to these policies.

It is thought that breaking these rules could pose a considerable risk to businesses, particularly those unable to contend with the increasing number of mobile devices.

Ian Foddering, CTO and technical director for Cisco in the UK, said: “As security stakes rise with new communications options – such as remote working, mobile, cloud, virtual workspaces, application explosion and B YOD – the employee education and enforcement of policies will be important with this next generation of workers.

“This shift is causing concern for companies without the IT infrastructure to support personal mobile devices and data, leading to difficulties in attracting top talent when competition with organisations that do have the capability to support the latest and greatest technology for Gen Y employees.”

He also underlined the need for companies to strike a balance between necessary security measures and the expectations of tech-savvy employees.

“The report provides insight into the present-day challenges that companies face as they strive to balance security needs with the habits of the next generation of workers, who are blending work and social life by being constantly connected.

“Generation Y workers are stretching and blending the boundaries of work, family and social life.”


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