Dec 10, 2012

The cost of office party over-indulgence? £259 million

Researchers have found the dip in employee productivity following office Christmas parties will cost businesses around £259 million pounds.

Research from has revealed one in four employees will work no more than four hours when afflicted with an office party-induced hangover.

The research also discovered almost a third of the 1500 respondents have gone to work the day after their Christmas party having drank too much the night before, with a fifth of workers either having arrived late or called in sick.

Workers in Glasgow, Cardiff and Leeds were found to be the “most likely to be hung-over at work,” following their Christmas party.

In addition to revealing the costly effects of hampered productivity, also discovered some of the other impacts of staff parties.

Almost two thirds of respondents admitted to drinking too much, with one in ten saying they did “something they regretted” at a festive celebration.

Topping the list of regrettable actions were: “ranting” and “spreading gossip” about co-workers, getting intimate with fellow employees, and sharing a “cheeky kiss” beneath the mistletoe with senior staff.

Regarding this, researchers found “workers in Liverpool, Belfast and Newcastle were most likely to kiss a senior colleague”.


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