Dec 12, 2012

UK businesses more generous with company devices than others in EU

A report commissioned by EuroStats has shown the percentage of UK businesses that make devices available to staff is above the EU average.

Some 56% of UK businesses have schemes in place that give staff access to items such as laptops, tablets and smartphones, compared to only 48% of organisations across EU27 countries.

However the UK is still far behind many countries in Scandinavia. 63% of companies in Sweden had these schemes in place and the level was even higher in Norway (68%) and Finland (78%).

Within the UK, the availability of company devices varied depending on the size of the organisation. 51% of small businesses with 10 to 49 employees provided them, and the figure rose to 81% of businesses with 50 to 249 employees and 93% of enterprise class organisations (250 or more employees).

The report also revealed why companies supply these. 88% of the EU businesses surveyed said they wanted their employees to use them to check emails.

Fewer organisations were happy with their employees accessing other IT systems. Only 56% allowed employees to edit documents remotely and fewer than 50% encouraged employees to use secure applications on company devices.

These trends were mirrored in the UK, where most businesses allowed workers to use email and trusted websites on company devices, but the majority of respondents did not want employees to access secure apps.


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