Dec 20, 2012

The key to career success? Drink red wine


Red wine drinkers have been found to be better paid and more ambitious in a recent survey.

The poll, commissioned by French Wines with Style, found half of red wine drinkers are university graduates and most earn around £40-45,000 a year.

It also discovered that, whilst 81% of this group are happy at work, 65% remain ambitious and wish to further scale the career ladder.

In comparison, white wine drinkers earn £25-30,000 a year on average, and some 55% of those who favour rosé leave school by 18 and earn an average yearly wage of around £30,000.

The survey also revealed the varying personality traits of those who favour different wines.

Many red wine drinkers describe themselves in terms such as confident, intelligent, relaxed and strong. White wine drinkers see themselves as practical, bright, shy, quiet and reserved and rosé drinkers often say they are loud, warm and charming.

Gerard Basset, spokesman for French Wines with Style said: "They say you can tell a lot about someone from their favourite tipple, and it seems that it is definitely the case when it comes to wine.


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