Dec 24, 2012

No off button for Gen-Y workers

A recent report has revealed how extensively ‘Generation-Y’ workers use their smartphones.

The 2012 Cisco Connected World Technology Report revealed almost a third of Gen-Y members check smartphones with such regularity they lose count of how often they do so.

One third of respondents are online on a mobile device at least one every half an hour.

Many seem borderline-addicted; 60% of respondents said they check for messages, emails or online updates compulsively or subconsciously.

A further two out of five said they “feel anxious, like part of me is missing,” when they can’t get online.

Cisco also discovered some of the unusual locations from which people log on. Across the globe three quarters of people use smartphones in bed and more than half check emails and social networks at communal meal times.

A further third admitted to using devices in the bathroom, and around 20% said they check messages from behind the steering wheel.

The report outlined the potential benefits of this connected generation. It stated: “For employers, this is meaningful because it demonstrates that the workforce of the future is more agile, more informed and more responsive than any previous generation. They live to connect and communicate.”


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