Jan 2, 2013

Survey reveals amount of time wasted by employees

Recent research by K3 Managed Services has revealed how much time is wasted by UK workers.

A report commissioned by the online services provider revealed that on average 64% of employees waste one hour a day at work and 14% waste up to three hours.

Some 48% of this wasted time was spent browsing the internet for personal use.

K3 Managed Services underlined the importance of companies establishing fair usage policies, which could cut wasted time and encourage online productivity.

It is also hoped these can cut down on the number of employees using illegal download and file sharing sites, which could leave a business open to spyware, malware and viruses. Breaches of data security could also result in fines of up to £50, 000.

Jason Price, Head of Sales at K3 Managed Services stated: “When we discuss the results of how their bandwidth is being used with our customers, many are shocked to see how much is taken up for personal use by employees.

"This poses a dilemma for managers as the Internet and many social media websites are now an integral part of business operations.

“As digital channels continue to mature, it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to place blanket bans and restrictions on Internet access.

“However, companies with a robust Internet Usage policy can effectively manage their staff time online, and also ensure that they stay on the right side of the law.”


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