Jan 11, 2013

Many SME employees working overtime

The majority of workers at small businesses in Britain are working both paid and unpaid overtime, according to recent research.

The study, carried out by energy company E.ON, found three quarters of SME employees work an additional 1.9 hours on average every day.

A recent Eurostar report has also shown British employees work more hours per week than their European counterparts.

British workers were found to work an average of 42.2 hours every week. This is significantly longer than working weeks in countries such as Germany (40.7), France (39.5) and Italy (38.8)

Anthony Ainsworth from E.ON said: “At an average of two hours a day, three days a week, it’s clear Britain’s workforce is going significantly beyond the call of duty – and while this can be good for business there are also negative implications.  

“Working very long hours can impact on employees’ wellbeing and lifestyle, preventing people from achieving a healthy work/life balance, but it can also prove costly.”

This was shown as the report revealed how employees working overtime could cost businesses money in wasted energy.

Some 22% of respondents said most or all of the lights in their workplace were kept on when they were the only person left at work

Mr Ainsworth added: “With the extent of overtime being carried out across the UK on a daily basis, this has the potential to add significantly to energy bills.”


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