Jan 14, 2013

SME employees want more efficient working

A Google study has shown employees at small businesses want more efficient working practises in 2013.

Workers particularly wanted better communication with their employers, as well as the ability to leave work on time.

Google surveyed 3,500 employees from small businesses in the UK, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and the Netherlands and also found 38% of workers think their workload last year was higher than in 2011.

The research also discovered what workers at such enterprises feel is wasting their time and hampering their ability to work efficiently.

Some 54% of respondents said they had issues with email on a weekly basis. This was predominantly related to reaching inbox size limits.

Many also said meetings were taking up significant amounts of time in their working week.

Neil Delaney, small and medium businesses director for EMEA at Google Enterprise, suggested this year could be a watershed moment for employees wanting more efficient ways of working.

He said: "With so many resolving to work more efficiently, perhaps 2013 will be a turning point where we see more small businesses working smarter, collaborating more effectively with their colleagues and customers, and accessing the tools needed for better communication.”


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