Feb 4, 2013

Employee privacy affected by social media

Research from AVG Technologies has revealed the workplace privacy of employees is being invaded due to social media usage.

A study of 4,000 workers from ten different countries, carried out by the security software company, revealed 53% of workers believe misusing social media can have a negative impact on their privacy.

This has caused many to limit their use of social networks in the workplace, with some stopping using such sites altogether whilst they are at work.

The poll also discovered around 10% of employees had found colleagues using social media to gossip about them. Some 11% have had photos or videos of them from a work event posted on social networks.

Tony Anscombe, AVG’s Senior Security Evangelist, said: “This study highlights the need for a combination of greater education around social media alongside stricter enforcement of the accompanying standards for social media etiquette at work.

“And we’re not just talking about employees here; employers can trip themselves up just as easily when managing the company’s own social media presence.  

“Until everyone is clear about exactly what is and isn’t acceptable online behaviour, trying to enforce policies will just fail, leaving the door open to cyber-bullying and invasion of privacy.”

He added: “If organisations take the time to first educate before establishing and enforcing policies, privacy can be protected in the workplace without having to sacrifice any of the social activity we all enjoy.”


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