Feb 8, 2013

Unfit office workers should walk a mile from car parks to work

Health experts have suggested some unusual methods by which Britain could combat obesity; including building car parks up to a mile away from office buildings.

Other suggestions include compulsory skipping lessons and low-calorie cooking classes in schools.

This is by no means the only unorthodox method devised to improve the health of the nation’s workforce.  Earlier this year Dr John Buckley suggested the office workers could benefit from standing at their desks.

These all follow several reports last year that revealed, in addition to potentially contributing to obesity levels, the sedentary lifestyle of many office workers could result in health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

The Daily Mail reports Dr Howie told a meeting at NHS Worcester: “If we don't get it right, in the years to come all we'll end up dealing with is overweight people and those who suffer from alcohol abuse. 

“If we do get things right over the next 25 years we will see all those problems pulled back, much more assistive technology and many more people living at home than would otherwise be the case in their later years. We need people to take better care of their health so we get rid of lifestyle-related disease, which is the worrying trend emerging from this new generation for the first time.”


Sarah Posted on February 20, 2013

During office hours one must be aware of keeping their strees level down. It may sound easier but it has lots of benefits. Also, get plenty of sleep and work anxiety-reducing activities like walking, yoga, reading and watching movies into your schedule. Thanks Sarah http://www.theoffice-uk.co.uk/

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