Feb 26, 2013

Survey finds flexible workers are more productive

Recent research has discovered workers who are encouraged to be flexible with their working hours and location feel they are more productive.

A study of 2000 UK office workers and 400 managers, carried out by O2, found 75% of workers feel they are ‘most productive’ when they have control over when and where they work.

The research also revealed only 19% of workers feel they are encouraged to work flexibly, whilst 77% of the managers surveyed felt their organisations were giving workers the opportunity to do so.

There was also found to be a further disparity between the percentage of management-level employees who thought they were setting an example by working flexibly and the number of staff who felt this was the case.

Some 70% of the managers polled said they worked either flexible hours or worked from home. Only 18% of staff felt they actually did so.

O2 Business Director Ben Dowd was critical of the fact that so few workers feel they have the opportunity to flexi-work.

He said: “Just six months since Britain’s biggest flexible working opportunity, the Olympics, it’s shocking that less than one fifth of people feel they are encouraged to work flexibly.”


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