Mar 4, 2013

Office happiness levels remain consistent

Recent research has discovered 42% of office workers are content with their job; around the same level as last year.

The survey, carried out by recruitment firm Office Angels, found only a slight increase on the 41% of respondents who said they were happy at work this time last year.

Workers in Edinburgh were found to be the happiest in the country, with some 46% saying they enjoy their job. Employees in Nottingham and Wales, where only 35% said they were happy at work, were found to be the least content.

Job satisfaction levels varied dramatically depending on the sector in which respondents worked. Some 67% of people working in the arts said they were happy with their job, but figures were lower for people in the professional services (53%) and education (47%) sectors.

Stephen Kirkpatrick, Office Angels MD, commented: “Our research shows that overall happiness amongst the UK workforce is very similar to this time last year.

“The prospect of celebratory events in 2012 built excitement and goodwill amongst workers from the outset. It is now heartening to see a positive, happy feeling persisting amongst UK workers, even though these events are in the past.

“Fluctuating levels of happiness across the country suggests more can be done to boost morale and enhance job satisfaction.

“To help create a ground-swell of happiness, employers must remember their role in fostering a positive working environment which will in turn create a more productive workforce.”


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