Oct 29, 2015

International Internet Day: Most Innovative Internet Businesses

More than forty years ago today the internet as we know it was born. On October 29th 1969 Bill Duvall, Leonard Kleinrock and Charley Kline et. al. managed to send the letters L and O from one computer to another. Clearly the internet has moved on a long way since then - so in order to honour International Internet Day here at Office Genie we thought we’d compile a list of our favourite innovative internet businesses in 2015:

Cities Talking

Audio tours have been popular in art galleries and museums for years and now they’re taking over cities. Cities Talking was developed as an alternative to out-of-date city guidebooks and expensive tours that offer little flexibility.

So far there are audio tours for 26 cities: London, Cambridge, Oxford and Edinburgh are the current UK cities but the tours stretch right across the globe, from Istanbul to New York. The app is only £4.99 and rather than using your data, it uses your mobile device’s GPS.


StitchFix is an online personal stylist and shopping service. It combines all the fun of a personal shopper (if you’re into that sort of thing) with none of the hassle of traipsing round a crowded department store.

You answer questions about your style and, based on your answers, receive five personalised items in the post. You’re in control of your budget and you can return anything that isn’t to your liking. The sad thing is it doesn’t currently ship outside of the US but hopefully the UK market is within its sights - it is International Internet Day after all.


This isn’t exactly an internet business but it’s too fun not to include. The Scribble pen gives you the exciting possibility of drawing in all the colours of the rainbow. Well, almost. Users hold the pen to an item of the colour they want, Scribble’s technology recognises the colour, and away you draw. It can be used on both paper and mobile devices. There’s an Android and iOS app and, helpfully, Scribble colours are recognised on all internet browsers.

Paperless Post

If you like MoonPig, you’ll probably love its high-end friend (or competition), Paperless Post. For every occasion imaginable there is a customisable card, letter, or invitation. The aim is to have a seamless transition between the online and printed material.

The project has received backing from high-profile fashion and lifestyle designers such as kate spade new york and Oscar de la Renta, ensuring the stationery is of the highest standard. If you’re feeling creative you can even upload your own designs.

The internet is an exciting place and just think where it will be in another forty years! If you know of any more innovative internet businesses please let us know in the comments.


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