Jan 27, 2016

Top tips for a healthier office

Here at Genie, we try to take care of the mental and physical health of staff. From fresh fruit deliveries to free eye care, we try to boost everyday wellbeing and limit any health problems associated with office life.

We’re now nearing the end of January and New Year’s resolutions are likely to have been scrapped, so it’s the perfect time to reinvigorate your health kick. To help your office succeed, we’ve rounded up our four top tips:

Pave the way to wellness

Fast becoming a corporate trend, particularly in the US, wellness programmes are a great way to educate employees on their health needs and make them feel looked after. The programmes can include free health-care services, such as eye tests or dental appointments, or inviting an expert in to discuss an aspect of mental or physical health.

For example, we recently welcomed insomnia specialist Kathryn Pinkham to the office to deliver a presentation on sleep, in which she debunked some potentially harmful myths. We’ve also had presentations on stress, nutrition, and posture. The programmes allow employees to approach their work and home life armed with helpful tips.

You are what you eat

Wholesome lunches and nutritious snacks, such fruit, nuts, and seeds, can help you power through your day at work. Something as simple as an apple can pick you up in the morning if you haven’t managed to eat breakfast or wake you up during the afternoon slump.

Why not consider fresh fruit deliveries to help save employees’ hungry stomachs and their pounds too? Cambridge-based businesses can take advantage of the excellent Radmore Farm Shop and if you want the same option, but live a little further afield, Office Pantry provide this service nationwide.

Fitness can fit in with work

Recent research has found 32% of women believe working in an office prevents them achieving their fitness goals and it’s easy to see why when most people spend an average of nine hours stuck behind a desk. However, this doesn’t mean that fitness and work can’t go hand in hand.

One of the best options is to encourage employees to utilise their commute: signing up to a cycle-to-work scheme such as Cyclescheme can create a group fitness drive. Opting for the stairs over a lift is another great option to boost fitness levels. Place a Step Jockey Smart Sign on the staircase and get everyone to download the app; it tracks your progress and that way, can keep motivation levels up too. Looking to burn extra calories, why not go for a stroll on your lunch break?

Say goodbye to 9 to 5

Stress can seriously impact productivity. One of the changes workplaces can make to reduce stress levels is introduce flexible working hours, with flexibility having benefits for both employees and employers. Flexible hours won't be a draw for everyone (some people respond better to routine) but in general, staff often appreciate it.

If employees have children or other commitments (hospital appointments for example) flexible working can help alleviate some of the stresses usually associated with this: having to take time off work or arriving late. Similarly, the ability to work from home can help people feel like they have a better work-life balance.

These are just a few of the ways companies can show an interest in, and take an active approach towards, employee wellbeing. It isn’t an exhaustive list but trying just a few of the above could provide a much-needed boost. A healthier workforce is a happier workforce after all, and this can only be a good thing. 


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