Feb 8, 2016

Revealed: The nation’s dream office fling

Here at Office Genie we’ve come over all romantic with Valentine’s this week! So, we’ve been asking office workers across the nation who they would choose as their dream office fling. While an impressive 36% of respondents said they have had an office romance, we’ve had hundreds of people naming who would be their top choice for a smooch in the stationery cupboard. You can check out the most popular guys and gals below:

And the winner is... Tom Hardy

The nation has spoken and chosen Tom Hardy as its dream (male) office romance. The Legend star, known for his eclectic array of roles (everything from Charles Bronson to Mad Max) takes top place in our poll of 1,149 Brits.


Second place: George Clooney

Second to Mr Hardy by the narrowest of margins, it would appear the nation appreciates a man who knows his way around a coffee. Clooney also juggles his film career with extensive humanitarian work, so is clearly a lot more than just a pretty face!


Third place: David Beckham

Golden (or should it be bronze) Balls himself takes third place on our podium. The former football star turned all-round nice guy (and current world’s sexiest man) sneaks into our top three most desirable chaps. Similar to George Clooney, Becks is also well-known for his charity work, particularly as a UNICEF ambassador.


And the winner is (also)… Kylie Minogue

Aussie songstress Kylie Minogue was voted as the most popular woman in our poll. The former Neighbours star has gone on to have a career spanning almost thirty years and has clearly stolen the hearts of respondents of all generations.


Second Place: Kelly Brook

The popular British model takes second place amongst the women in our poll. Brook has dabbled in a number of fields; everything from acting to Britain’s Got Talent judging, ensuring her universal appeal.


Third place

Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence takes third place in the poll and is (probably) the only person on the list to combine brains, beauty and longbow skills.



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