Jan 10, 2017

A third of workers want a new job for the New Year

Almost a third of Brits will be looking for a new job in 2017, according to our latest research. 

However, like most New Year’s resolutions, this would appear to be doomed to fail, with only 51% of potential job hunters actually believing they will go through with it.

For bosses looking to attract top talent this year, it appears offering flexibility will be key: Respondents to the survey stated a better work-life balance will be their top New Year's resolution in their working life.

This put it ahead of pay rises in the list of what employees are looking for. Indeed salary increases were pushed into third place, with employees prioritising work-life balance and the ability to learn new skills.

We've put together the following tips for both wantaway employees, and the employers seeking to attract them.

Top tips

For those looking to leave, we’d advise the following:

1) Check your CV: Ensure it is up to date and up to scratch. Your Linkedin profile is equally important

2) Do a social media audit: You don’t want any skeletons in your online closet

3) Consider working with a job agency: Particularly in niche and/or highly-skilled sectors they can be a candidate’s best friend

4) Be speculative: Don’t be afraid to send across CVs, even if you don’t see any vacancies. You should also consider publishing your CV online

5) Get networking: Be proactive, get out there and meet local businesses. It’s a great way to make a lasting first impression and allows people to meet a face behind a CV and cover letter

For bosses who want to attract top talent in the new year, the following were what employees were seeking as their new years resolutions in the workplace:

1) A better work/life balance:  This came out on top, with some 17% saying it was their top priority – things such as flexible working can go a long way to helping to achieve this.

2) Learning new skills: Next most popular was learning a new skill, with 14% saying they wished to do so. Peer-to-peer training can be a great, low-cost solution.

3) Pay rises: Relegated to third place, but getting more money was still the top priority for more than 10% of workers.

4) Getting healthy: A new-year classic, 9% of employees wanted to eat healthier in the office. An opportunity for employers to help achieve this goal could be the increasingly-popular offer of free fruit – a little thing that could add to overall appeal

5) Organisation: 7% of people wanted to make being more organised their workplace priority for 2017. Once again this personal ambition can be aided by employers instilling a clear culture of target-setting and KPI management

Peter Ames, our Head of Strategy, says: "It would appear many Brits are seeing the New Year as the ideal opportunity for a change of job."

"The fact only 50% believe they will go through with it shows employers will need to really impress a potential candidate."

"The great news is our research into employees’ priorities for the New Year shows it’s not just about the money for many people. If a potential employer can offer things such as an improved work-life balance and training opportunities, then they’ve clearly got as good a chance as any to get in the top talent."


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