Mar 2, 2017

World Book Day: What would your favourite characters earn today?

In celebration of World Book Day (and its twentieth year too!) we decided to apply our workplace expertise to some of the nation's favourite literary characters. From Jane Eyre to Atticus Finch, we had a look at the wages these characters would be earning today. Who would make more, headteacher Albus Dumbledore or chocolatier Willy Wonka?

The rather grim character from Patrick Süskind’s novel ‘Perfume’ takes the lead: life as a perfumer today might not progress to such wrack and ruin as it did in the eighteenth century! Pilots (John Yossarian), social workers (Elaine the Pain), and enterprising farm owners (Bathsheba Everdene) follow close behind.

The wild fluctuations of the average wage for a small business owner in modern Britain means Ebenezer Scrooge might need to maintain his frugal ways, and Jane Eyre wouldn’t be buying a London penthouse any time soon on £70 - £85 per week. The most bookish among the beloved characters, author David Copperfield, would certainly feel the rising house prices and living costs in the UK of today.

Why not see how you compare in the salary stakes to these literary favourites?

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