Nov 20, 2017

10 first-class Cambridge cafés for remote working

As a Cambridge-based business, we thought we should explore the remote-working options we have in our city and who better evaluate them than experts on effective working environments!

We decided plug availability, seating availability, the level of noise, the price of the coffee, and the speed of the broadband are key indicators of how suitable a place is for working comfortably and efficiently.

After visiting a number of spots across the city, we discovered some cafés are better for your pocket, some are better for when you need a plug socket, and some lend themselves really well to quiet work. We had a couple of great all-rounders and some we just didn't want to miss off.

The majority are independent establishments and to find out why this is the case, we spoke to a championer of independent businesses in Cambridge. Steve Linford, of Independent Cambridge, described the benefits that come with working in a local café, he pointed out: "Cambridge has a thriving community of [independent cafés] running great little businesses so you have a choice. When you choose indie you can be sure that the money you spend stays in the local economy, providing a livelihood for Cambridge families."

He added, "Indies use freshly ground coffee, carefully roasted at just the right temperature so the flavour is the best it can be. And it will taste even better knowing that each cup helps keep the city vibrant and just a little bit different."

Our list is as follows: Espresso Library; Stir; CB2; Hot Numbers; Fitzbillies; Second Cup; Urban Larder; Trockel, Ulmann and Freunde; Caffè Nero on Market Street; and Relevant Records. Please see the infographic below to find out more.


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Dominic Bowles Posted on November 21, 2017

I'm one of the co-founders of CambridgeSpace, a co-working space in Chesterton, Cambridge. Great article and you've listed some of our favourite Cambridge cafes! Stir is just round the corner from us and always has a friendly welcome. For remote working on more than just a casual one-off basis, we find that our space has big advantages over cafes. You're guaranteed a plug, for a start! Our noise level is just right for getting work done - friendly, buzzy, but not over the top - which you can't guarantee in a cafe. And if you want to get up, stretch your legs, go to the loo, go to the shops - there's not that shall-I-shan't-I moment of whether to leave your laptop, your tablet, your phone, all your papers, left out on the table, or to have to spend time packing it all away and take it with you - at the risk of losing your chair when you get back to the cafe! We have great coffee, too, plus reasonable Pay-As-You-Go and monthly rates. Come and try us out - everyone gets a free trial day!

Office Genie team Posted on November 22, 2017

Hi Dominic, pleased you like the article! CambridgeSpace sounds great and if you're not advertising with us already, please do. We allow co-working spaces to list for free - you simply need to create an account here:

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