Apr 20, 2009

New auction charging model will allow local markets to set price

From 1 May 2009, we'll be introducing the option for advertisers to bid for premium spots on Desk Space Genie from just £1 a week.
We've decided to introduce an auction model for the top spots for a number of important reasons:

  • The local market can set its own price. With an auction from just £1/week, each area should set its own natural price level based on competition and demand. A bit like Ryanair and Easyjet, but for desks!
  • No advertisers will be priced out of the market. We desperately want to keep it so that anyone can list spare desks on the site, we don't just want adverts from big companies.
  • We'll only earn revenue if we deserve to! The more enquiries the site generates, the more advertisers will be willing to bid for the top spots. This way, we only earn if the site delivers, and the more we deliver the more we earn. Can't say fairer than that!

The great news for most advertisers is that you can keep your ad free-of-charge - you only pay if you want more prominence, more enquiries, or just need to fill your spare desk urgently.

The idea is that you only need to pay if you want more prominence and more enquiries, and so the local market in each area should naturally set its own price.


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