Feb 8, 2010

BBC Working Lunch: desk rental is an opportunity to save money

Today's episode of Working Lunch (BBC, 12.30pm) features deskspacegenie.co.uk as part of a section on desk rental as a money-saving option for UK businesses. Presenter Ben Shore talks to Desk Space Genie users Ian Haughton of Morning Design (who lets out spare desk space at their beautiful office on Great Sutton Street) and Ben Richardson of Stepladder (who rents some of those desks) about how some businesses can save money by renting desks rather than taking out conventional office space, and how other businesses can make money by renting out their spare desks.

Here are some money-saving stats we gathered for the occasion:

1. Spare desk rental: Average cost in London on deskspacegenie.co.uk is £348/mth (compared to average £205 outside London). This will generally include rates, heating, lighting, power and broadband, but not normally IT or telephone line.

2. Serviced office: £400 to £800 a desk per month (75 sq ft per person allocation as a rough guide) - this won’t include IT and telephone, which will be between £50 to £100 per person per month. Meeting room hire, roughly £40 per delegate per day.

3. Conventional office space: average of £1,600 to £3,000 per month for a four-person office, which equates to about £400 to £750 a month per desk. Plus of course business rates, heating, lighting, and so on.

The stats do indicate a significant saving by renting spare desks over serviced or office space. The other major advantages tend to be related to flexibility and lack of hassle - typically no long term contracts, can move in a get working in a matter of days or even hours, no lease costs, no utility costs, etc.

Hopefully we'll be able to embed some kind of video here shortly!


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