Mar 3, 2009

Desk Space Genie - it's alive!

We're delighted to announce that we've launched the beta version of our latest project, Desk Space Genie.

It's a pretty simple idea. Desk rental is a growing market, particularly in internet and entrepreneur communities in London and Brighton, and the trend looks sent to get even stronger as the idea catches on and business look to make money from their spare desk space. Aside from the money, there are big advantages to having a diverse skill base in your office premises (freelancers and contractors with complementary skils), are there are also strong environmental reasons for making the most of existing space.

We've been on both sides of the fence: we've let our spare desks in the Genie office at The Old Bakery in Cambridge for nearly two years now, and we've also rented desks in London on and off for about four years.

The big problem has always been where to advertise (if you've got spare desks) and where to look (if you want a desk). There's really nothing out there that we've been able to find, apart from occasional postings on Gumtree and, of course, leveraging your social network through email and Facebook.

But now there is! Desk Space Genie is intended to be an open marketplace where businesses can list their spare desks and anyone else can find them. We're anticipating that the "desker" community is largely made up of entrepreneurs, startups, designers, journalists, architects, translators, and similar creative professions. We've decided to keep Desk Space Genie free-of-charge for advertisers for the first couple of months while we see what the takeup is like and gather as much feedback as possible.

Please go have a look at - there's a big FEEDBACK button at the top of the site, or feel free to email me at [email protected], or just comment below.

Happy desking!  :)

P.S. If you're a journalist or just like reading, the press release is here.


stevenpark Posted on January 08, 2019

Hello, Can we really afford this? This is a good place for working? Is this is a good location?

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