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Office space in Bury

Bury, located conveniently less than 10 miles north of Manchester, represents a great office rental destination and a potential alternative to its larger neighbour. So if you are looking to rent a base for your business in the North West, Bury could very well be worth a look! You can find your options on this page, along with a little bit more about the popular town itself.

Why rent offices in Bury?

Bury is something of a hidden gem in the North West. It boasts a lively atmosphere (and nightlife) and a cultural scene well above what you’d expect for a town of its size, with a ‘world-famous’ produce market, excellent museums and art festival. Looking further afield the area also is set amongst some of the region’s most enticing countryside; ensuring you can escape the hustle and bustle come the weekend.

The town was best known as a thriving hub of the textile industry, but the Bury of today offers a lot more for businesses from all sectors. Specifically you’ll find a number of enterprise groups and clubs offering help, support and networking opportunities – most unique amongst these is the Bury Business Curry Club, which combines all the fun of networking with all the fun of lamb rogan josh.

Bury is also blessed with excellent transport links, particularly if you’re looking to do business regularly in Manchester. The town has a stop on Manchester’s Metrolink tram system, while the M56 ensures convenient access to the region’s major centre of commerce, as well as access to the UK’s motorway network.

Office options in Bury

Bury has, available for rent, a number of top office space options for businesses of almost any shape or size. At any time you could find shared offices (a handy flexible rental), serviced spaces (not always cheap but almost always high-spec) as well as property to rent on a traditional lease.

Of course, if you can’t find these you still have a number of options: Firstly, do check back regularly as we update our properties all the time. Alternatively you could call one of our experts for a more in-depth view of the Bury commercial property market (dial the number at the top of the screen). Finally, you could consider one of a number of alternatives in the area: Manchester is an obvious option, but Bolton and Rochdale are also handy.

How to rent serviced and shared offices, along with traditional leased offices in Bury with Office Genie