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Office space Southend-on-Sea

Southend is one of a number of coastal towns in the South East that offer great access to London while boasting an appealing by-the-sea location. What sets Southend aside, as a place in which to rent an office, is how serious the town is as a business destination – few places are more dedicated to creating a dynamic population of successful local enterprises than the Essex town, and this is what truly makes it a top place to rent an office space.

Why rent offices in Southend?

Southend has a reputation for fun, much like the county in which it is located, but rest assured Southend businesses are some of the hardest working in the county. While its attractive seafront and famous nightlife are a nice bonus, what really sets Southend apart is its competitive business environment.

As you would expect, the town’s tourism industry is a key part of the local economy, but so are its engineering, creative, medical technology and digital sectors – to name but a few. It’s also home to a number of big-name companies such as RBS and Ipecos, who have helped boost the town’s profile as the place to do business in the region.

Factor in a large and talented workforce (the town boasts a University of Essex campus, while Anglia Ruskin University also have a campus in Chelmsford), huge levels of investment, its entrepreneurial atmosphere and generally top-notch quality of life and you’ve got a cocktail that really cannot be beat.

The town also offers some excellent transport links. Key to this are Southend’s rail links to London; which brings the city into very easy reach. Trains leave regularly and many take less than an hour to reach the capital. If you are looking to travel in that direction by road then the presence of the A127 Southern Arterial Route should make this convenient.

Your office space options in Southend

In Southend, and the surrounding area, you should be able to find a number of great office space options. These could include: Executive serviced offices, flexible shared offices and maybe even offices available for rent on a traditional lease agreement – ultimately whatever it is you want to rent in Southend, we hope you can find it with Office Genie.

Of course, we do get new offices all the time, so even if you can’t find your dream office today we might well have something on-site soon. Alternatively, you could try one of several nearby locations: Chelmsford, the county town, and Brentwood are handy spots, while Basildon could also be a good option for you and your venture.

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