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Office space in Yateley

Welcome to Office Genie and our page dedicated to Yateley, a town in the north-eastern corner of the Hart District. Here we’ll provide you with all you need to know about this rapidly expanding town and the factors influencing businesses’ decisions to rent there.

Why choose offices in Yateley?

The town of Yateley has expanded dramatically over the last few decades, to the extent it is now considered one of the UK’s most desirable places to live.

Its location is just one factor drawing people in and creating an important commuter town. It is well connected to business hubs such as London (35 miles), Reading (15 miles), Aldershot and Guilford via direct road links and easy access to the national motorway network, but it doesn’t have its own railway station. However nearby stations Blackwater, Farnborough Main/Fleet Station and Camberley provide services to these hotspots.

The town itself presents and mixture of old and new developments. Yateley is home to several local businesses and light service industries, largely located on the B3272 Reading Road, which acts as the town’s main business link. Coupled with the town’s many well kept open spaces, including Yateley Green and Yateley Common with its beautiful heathland, it’s clear to see why this is a location of choice.

The Hart district as a whole is home to several household business names such as Virgin Media, Nokia and Serco. These and many other world-class companies contribute to the district’s success.

In terms of business premises, there are major commercial sites, smaller industrial estates, rural business parks and market town developments all situated within this one district.

Office space options in Yateley

There are a variety of office spaces available through Office Genie. Here is some quick guidance on the type of lease available.

Firstly there is the traditional lease, which involves you renting a usually unfurnished office which you have complete control over. This is generally a cheap option and ideal if you’re an established business.

Secondly there is the more flexible serviced office, which takes the responsibility of maintenance out of your hands so you can concentrate on running your business.

Last there is deskspace rental, where you pay for just the deskspace you need in a shared office, and again are not responsible for running the property.

All of these types of lease are available at Office Genie, so take a look! If you need any more guidance, feel free to call our helpline and speak to an expert. And if you find something you like you can enquire online straight away. Happy hunting!

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