May 1, 2009

Auction changes going live today...?

Well, we've had two months to get ready for implementing our auction-based charging system on 1 May (today!), and we're possibly maybe nearly there. Paul (tech director) was up till 2.30am getting things in place and generating a huge list of last-minute questions which we need to resolve (mainly related to why Paypal is quite so obstructive). Updates to follow later today!

Update 1730 GMT: Not looking promising. Everything is just about in place and we're debating the wisdom of putting something live last thing in the day. Might be wiser to come back in the morning...

Update 2300 GMT: It's all starting to come together now, but probably more sensible to put this major update live tomorrow when we'll be more awake :)


Sam Borsten Posted on May 01, 2009

Go guys! I'm ready with my credit card!

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