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Everything you need to know about flexible office space

In difficult economic times it generally pays to be flexible. This also extends to your office space. Whether you’re a freelance designer looking for a change of scenery, or a multinational in the midst of a large office move, it can benefit anyone. Here at Office Genie, flexible office space is what we do best. So what are your options, and what’s so good about them? Just read on.

Hot desking

If you want to rent a desk on a pay-as-you-go basis, then go hot desking. It’s about as flexible as office space comes. Hot desks are available for rent on a pay-as-you-go basis: You’ll get a desk assigned to you when you turn up and you only pay for the time you use; which can also make them quite cheap! These are particularly abundant in London; you’re probably never more than a few hundred yards away from a scheme in the capital!

They can be particularly brilliant if you’re a freelancer in need of a boost of inspiration. Staring at the same four walls of a home office day in day out can be a drain on your creativity. Hot desking offers an opportunity to break the tedium; something that could give your inspiration levels a real boost.

What’s more, sharing a space with other people gives you a whole room full of people who might be able to give you genuinely constructive feedback and maybe even a new idea or two. You never know you might have the skills a fellow co-worker requires and you might get a little extra work.

Serviced offices

If you want a desk full time, but still on flexible lease terms, then why not consider a serviced office? They are souped-up, all-inclusive, high-spec business centres. Most importantly they generally operate on monthly rolling contracts with everything set up before you move in. This makes them particularly flexible.

They are usually the most expensive office space option, but you’ll get a premium package boasting features such as:

  • Business support
  • Reception services
  • IT and tech support
  • Executive meeting room access

With all this catered for, it means you also don’t have to spend any time managing a building yourself. If you like the sound of this flexible option, then why not give Office Genie’s guide to serviced office rental a read?

You won’t get a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to your workspace. Unlike a traditional lease you won’t be able to do much with the design of your office. Some may allow you to paint your room and maybe even add a logo or two.

Desk-rental schemes

Another option is to rent desks in a coworking scheme. These are purpose-designed properties, like serviced offices, designed to provide flexible office space. This means you’re still going to be getting a top-quality all-inclusive service. If the internet goes down at a coworking scheme, a support team member will spring into action and fix it. However, unlike a serviced office you’ll rent a number of desks in a communal office rather than renting your own room in a larger centre.

Desk rental is a cheap alternative to serviced spaces: You’ll have access to a more basic package (usually limited to a desk, chair, broadband and other utilities). This is generally reflected in monthly rental fees that are lower than those of serviced offices. Such schemes are particularly abundant in London and would represent superb option as you search for great value office space in the capital.

Shared Offices

Alternatively, if a business has spare desks in its office it can make them available for rent on Office Genie. These shared offices represent a further great option if you’re looking to rent flexible office space. Again you’ll get a more basic package of features, but they may be all you need. We’ve got a guide to shared offices that will tell you even more about them.

With both desk-rental schemes and shared offices, you’ll probably be even more limited over what you can do with your space. Do also bear in mind the fact that you won’t get to lock up at night and your data will be going through a shared network. However, the flexibility these offices offer can make them more than worth it.

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